About Us

Our story began long ago in February 2002.

A small company which is now based in the Czech Republic and called Epos Media started to develop a set of online media projects.

Mad Ringtones is the most recent of these products. It was originally created in 2007, but we rewrote it and added some great extra features in June 2009. The online mp3 editor is the heart of the service. Mad Ringtones has been created to make your life easier and - based on the initial feedback - it looks like we've succeeded in doing just that! We hope you think so, too.

Here are just a few of the latest and greatest improvements:

  1. We've added a comments system, so you can let other users know what you think of their ringtones.
  2. We've added a rating system, so you can see which ringtones are most - and least - popular.
  3. We've added a genres list to the main page, so you can quickly find the type of ringtones that interest you.
  4. We've completed a total redesign of the site, so it's more navigable and user-friendly.

Have a suggestion for how we can improve the site even more? Please contact us and let us know all about it!

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